Rhymes Improv is the Midlands’ highly acclaimed musical improv experience. No scripts, no pre-prepared tunes… just a non-stop joyride of musical fun.

You give them a title – they give you a brand new musical

Next Show

See our fully improvised musical at Upstairs At The Western as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival

Friday 21st February, 2020 – 7.30pm


Next Course

Musical Improv Level One will be making it’s way to Leicester.

The group’s timing, imagination, quick wit and speedy reactions are perfection. The members work so well together they must surely all be telepaths! – Behind the Arras

Rhymes Against Humanity are high on imagination, performance and delivery – Weekend Notes

Join the party. Book to see a show today – or if you are itching to get into the spotlight, give yourself the ultimate gift of a course in musical improvised comedy.

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